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Dosage Protocols

Best Practice Dosage is to dose the animal and also spray lambing/calving pens

A. CRYPTOGUARDX : Oral Dosage with Dosing Gun
B. AMMONFREE - D : Spray Pens



1. Shake the bottle well before use

2. Mix with tap water at a dilution rate of 15%
(e.g.150 grams into 1 litre of water )

3. Stir the above mixture well and let mixture stand 15 minutes before use.

4. The diluted application can be applied with a Oral Dosing Gun at a rate of:
a) Calves : 35 ml
b) Lambs/Kids : 15ml
c) Ewes: 30ml



5. If the animals are too weak to stand, use a plastic syringe without the needle and spray into the mouth. It is important to ensure that the animal swallows the product, to assist place two fingers on the tongue, press the tongue down while spraying at the back of the throat, thus ensuring that the product is not going to the lungs via its respiratory tract.


1. Shake bottle well before use
2. Mix with tap water at a dilution rate of 3 % (e.g 30 grams into 1 litre of water)
3. Mix the above mixture very well and let stand for 15 minutes before use
4. Use a Knapsack sprayer to spray on floors, bedding and all contact surface areas
5. Spray Day 1, Day 5 and Day 10


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