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CRYPTOGUARDX is a 100% natural probiotic with no active ingredient.
It is made using naturally occurring soil based carbons, bacteria , fungi and enzymes that are bio-fermented for 3 months and then blended with molasses.
The concentrate is diluted in water and dosed orally using a dosing gun as explained under DOSAGE PROTOCOLS. 

Did you Know that Ivermectin and Penicillin are also made using soil based bacteria?

CRYPTOGUARDX creates a hostile environment to eliminate the parasites in the gastrointestinal tract, whilst also being beneficial to the immune system of the animal by improving the overall gut health and functioning.
When dosed orally it is rapidly absorbed into the mucosal lining and digestive system where it attacks and eliminates the disease causing parasites.

The infected calf or lamb recovery generally occurs within the first few hours after application.
If Crypto is detected even in one animal from the shared enclosure it is advisable to treat all the animals from the same enclosure with CRYPTOGUARDX .

CRYPTOGUARDX is non-pathogenic, non- toxic, and will not cause harm to animals or humans

There is NO withdrawal period for meat or milk production.


100% Natural Biological Solution to reduce ammonia from animal waste faeces and urine in intensive livestock production.

AMMONFREE-D metabolises ammonia by rapidly transforming it into proteins and then into amino acids - thus eliminating the problem the way nature intended it - and preventing the further generation of ammonia.

AMMONFREE-D reduces the fly population which is one of the major carriers of the parasites causing Crypto and Coccidiosis.

AMMONFREE is 100% natural, environmentally friendly and non-pathogenic and non-toxic and will not cause harm to animals or humans. No Active Ingredient.

It is diluted in water and sprayed in pens and enclosures to help control the environment and prevent the spread of the parasites by flies.

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